Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Passing Down my Passion

I love books. I probably have a hundred titles scattered in the houses that I lived in. This passion started when my cousin, Ate Leslie, introduced me to the world of paperbacks when she let forced me to read one of her romance novels in my teenage years. I was so into the Archie comic books back then but I was transformed. I began reading Sweet Valley Girls then Sweet Valley High then some fiction and non-fiction here and there. Now, my favorite is the law and mystery novels of John Grisham, all-time favorite Harry Potter hardbound collection (which remains at home not to be borrowed by anyone, yep, I am selfish!), the Twilight Saga and the light and funny novels of Sophie Kinsella.

Given that I sooo love books, it would be no surprise that I’ll be passing down this passion to Johan. I used to read him stories while he was in my womb (well, I read the Twilight Saga aloud), I even incorporated reading in my maternity shoot and now I am starting to introduce the joy of reading to my son.

I am starting this routine with him: bath time, watch his Baby Einstein Baby Mozart DVD and then reading time. I usually start off with Johan lying down on his back while I read his books aloud then I put him down on his tummy so he could touch his books.

I really hope he grows up to be a bookworm like me. I would not really mind if he asks me to spend money as long as it would be for books.

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