Thursday, February 17, 2011

This Little Girl


… is the first grandchild, the first niece, the first baby of the family.

My family kind of raised her because she used to stay at my parents house for weeks even months after she was born and continued to do so until she started school. When she started kindergarten, it was only during the weekends that she get to come to the “Pacita house” – my parents’ house is Laguna. It has become a tradition for her that every Friday, during her PE day, my mom would fetch her from school and she’ll stay in Pacita over the weekend then she’ll be back home in Cavite on Sunday. But, recent issues changed all that. I won’t go into details as it pains me even more when I think about it. I just hope that someday things can get settled, differences and misunderstandings be straightened out and that we be the family that we once were.

This is for you, bebe.

Dear CJ,

I miss you more everyday and how I wish I could just come and take you away. I am sure that Loly, Papa, Tit An, Yaya, Tito Lian, Ninong, Tita Red and Empoy feel the same. I know that you and Cedric were caught in between of what has happened but let me tell you that you did nothing wrong, that whatever happened between the grown-ups has nothing to do with you and even if some people are mad at some people, you and Didik are still very much loved by the family. Always remember the good times that we had when you were still going to Loly’s house. Do not forget everything we have taught you. Always remember that we will always be here for you and you can always, always count on us whenever you need us. And someday when you are all grown-up, maybe we can explain things to you. In the meantime, I just hope that you are doing well physically and emotionally, that you are being treated like the kid that you still are, that you are excelling in school – we are very proud of you, CJ, so continue what you are doing and show ‘em how smart you are. We’ll see you again, bebe, don’t worry. Everything will turn out for the best. No matter what anyone tells you, always remember that we love you very, very much. If only I could turn back in time to the moment you were born, I would have done that and I would have taken you to be mine. Even if that didn’t happen, bear in mind that I love you as if you are my own. So, I’ll just end this with your favorite dialogue from the Disney Channel’s Phineas and Ferb cartoon that you frequently watch, “CJ, watcha doin?”.

Take care, bebe and we’ll see you again soon.


Love, Ninang

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