Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feeling Good About My Post-Baby Body

I was reading through and stumbled upon this topic. I thought it is timely as I’m easing back inch by inch to my old habits and routine – I recently had my hair cut after more than a year of having long hair and just last week I had a much needed pedicure.

But, first let me show you my then and now pics:

This was taken in 2007, 2 years before getting married. Yep, there was a time when I was THAT slim!

4203_1057472683320_1420964390_30130323_3033578_nOn our wedding day
 40073_1341124614441_1420964390_30780846_355991_n7 months pregnant

73234_462222852327_521122327_5396300_6698465_nA few days after giving birth – my tummy still looks like that of a 5-month pregnant woman but I’m not complaining on the additional cleavage. Hehe!
 DSCF3265My most recent picture – look at that tummy! Ugh,I need to do something about that soon!

So, according to, here’s what you should do to feel good about that post pregnancy body of yours:

1. Don't judge your looks by the first few weeks.
I didn’t have the time to judge how I look back then because my days are jampacked with changing diapers and soothing a fussy baby. It is just now that I really, really look at myself at the mirror and flinch at what I’m seeing.
2. Ease back into old activities.
As I’ve said above, I am trying to get back to my old routine, pre-baby. I found the time finally to visit a salon to have a haircut and a pedicure. No use in having a manicure as the nail polish will just wear off soon after I do the laundry of Johan’s clothes. My hair is in badly need of a treatment because it has become dry and unmanageable after being tied up into a ponytail every single day.
3. Try these tips from other new moms.
  • "Do something that makes you feel sexy and attractive — treat yourself to a pedicure, buy a new outfit (that fits!), get your hair cut or colored, or have a facial." — Caitlin
Pedicure done, new outfit done, hair cut done, facial hopefully soon
  • "Get dressed in the morning and put on some makeup.” – Carla
I wish I could put makeup on even if I’m just at home but that won’t do. Putting on makeup for me is now limited to when doing groceries, paying bills and going out with the husband.
  • "I was simply too grateful and too busy thanking my body for making my dream come true to worry about how it was different than it was before I became a mommy. It does change your body — and your soul. I lost 40 pounds in six weeks from breastfeeding, but my body was never what it was before. My heart, however, was so much happier. — Jolaine
My weight has returned to my pre-pregnancy weight of 106 lbs. (Yay!) Sadly though, my body is not the same as before. Especially that tummy which I have to do something about real soon.
  • "Try to accept yourself as you are now, and set a goal that's reasonable for yourself. Remember, not everyone can be a size 6 or even a size 10. Whatever size you are, you can still be beautiful and hold your head high. Love yourself and everyone else will, too." — Gina
Amen to that!

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