Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy 4th Month Birthday, Johan!

I can’t believe he’s already 4 months old! He grows up so fast that it kind of makes me sad because soon Johan will be a baby no more.

More of his milestones:
  • He can now turn over, yay! I’ll put this in another blog entry together with the video.
  • He already weighs 7.3 kg. I was afraid he’s obese but his pedia reassured me that he’s not.
  • He now sleeps (mostly) through the night. He only wakes up once or twice to feed.
  • He now knows his name because every time we call out “Johan” he turns his head towards the person calling him.
  • I don’t know if it’s just imagination or it really happened when Johan pronounced short syllables/words. Well, if it is just an imagination then hubby, me and my mom have wild ones. 1st word: yuck. Story is I was changing his diaper after he pooped and I said “Yuck”. Mama and I were surprised when Johan said back “yak”, it was just that short syllable. 2nd word: mama. Yep, this time hubby was with me when Johan said it. I was playing with Johan then I left him coz I had to go to the bathroom when he shouted “maa…maa”. Hubby heard it and he even got his headphones on! Well, I want him to call me Mommy but still he’s starting to talk and he’s starting pretty early. I am so proud.

DSCF3377-2Doing playtime with Mommy after his bath.
 DSCF3407Playing with his Barney teether.
 DSCF3436-2Candle blowing  

DSCF3434-2Photo ops with Mommy

DSCF3435-2Johan’s Neapolitan Cake from Goldilocks

Happy 4th month birthday, Anak! Daddy and Mommy love you so much!

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