Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Am I Stupid?

I am not a perfect mom. I’ve had my share of tears from the tiring routine of caring for an infant. But, all the aches and tears are so worth it whenever I see Johan reach a milestone – like the first time he smiled, the first time he was able to hold his feeding bottle, the first time he turned over – and I wouldn’t exchange witnessing those to anything in the world.

Just recently, I’ve been told different opinions on me getting back to work. Most of them advised me to stay at home and care for my son even for a little while more while some advised me to work again so I won’t be stagnant and for the extra income. I welcome all opinions as we are all entitled to them anyway but what ticked and bothered me the most was when I was told I am being stupid for not working just because I can’t bear to leave my son at home.

I know I am missing a lot of things by not working – just things. Literally.

It makes me happy to see this little one wake up and when he looks up and sees me, his face automatically brightens and his most charming smile appears. It amuses me that one little boy could shriek so loud in great delight. My heart was filled with pride when this little man was able to turn over on his own and looked up at me as if to say, “I told you I can do it, Mommy.” I am always overflowing with joy when I am able to make this little one laugh just by doing funny faces. I am at peace whenever I look at my son and feel that overwhelming sense of completeness and contentment.

I gave up work when I was still carrying him in my womb. Now, that he’s already here, why shouldn’t I do the same for the sake of taking better care of him?

So, tell me….



Lyra said...

No of course not! Different strokes for different folks! And not because you chose to stay home doesn't mean your brain stagnates. Try lang nang nagsabi sa yo to stay at home and take care of the family. Tingnan lang natin kung anong mas mahirap!

Buti ang trabaho pwede mong iwan sa office, being a mom, hindi.

Mamee Nani said...

your choice of being a stay at home mom to take care of johan is not a stupidity. if you have the means to provide your son even if you are not working, winner un! being a working mom has a different pros and cons, but what's more important is that you love what you are doing =)

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