Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time Flies

It seemed only yesterday when I was posting my thoughts on how frustrated I am for not giving birth yet and now a month has already passed and my little one is not so little anymore.

Johan is now a month old, weighing 4.8 kilograms and measuring 55 centimeters. He can now follow sounds and I think he can already see because when you talk to him he makes gurgling sounds as if he's talking back and when you mimic a laugh he will laugh back at you. He can now move his head from one side to other while lying on his tummy, he kicks hard and screams loud.

We went back to the Metropolitan Medical Center today for his first monthly check-up. Dra. Emily, his pedia, adminitered the 2nd shot of the Hepa B vaccine, gave us an ointment for the rashes on his face and told us he is looking good at one month.

We then went to Ermita Church to book the date for his baptism and paid the downpayment at Shakey's for his reception.

Then off we went to the Mall of Asia. We ate spaghetti and burgers at Jollibee in celebration of Johan's 1st month and we walked around the mall until our feet couldn't carry us anymore. Before leaving MOA, we dropped by Red Ribbon to get his cake for candle blowing at home.

My little one has grown indeed and I can't wait to see more of his milestones in the coming days. Happy 1st month, anak. Daddy and Mommy love you so much!

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Jhan said...

Wow! Ang laki na nya!

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