Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Having a Baby has taught me…

  • to give thanks for warm coffee. Johan has perfect timing, just when I was about to drink my coffee with just-been-boiled water, he starts wailing making me forget my coffee and is already stale when I suddenly remember. So, it is such a treat if I get to sip my coffee even if it’s just lukewarm instead of boiling hot.
  • to eat with only one hand while the other arm carries the full weight of Johan while he sleeps.
  • to complete (almost) 8 hours of sleep in 20-minute to 30-minute installment. When I was still working I thank the Lord for a 4-hour sleep a day, now I praise the Lord for a straight hour of sleep.
  • to take a bath in less than 10 minutes.
  • to sing or hum all the nursery rhymes I know even if the lyrics are incorrect just to put Johan to sleep.
  • to sway even if I’m not carrying Johan. This is funny because I unconsciously sway my body after carrying Johan all day and then realizing I’m not carrying him anymore.
  • to banish all pretenses – when breastfeeding and pumping. Well, not entirely because I still cannot breastfeed with a male around (except for my husband, brothers and father). I can breastfeed and pump in front of my MIL and SIL though.
  • to go the entire day without combing my hair. I just tie my hair into a ponytail and that’s it. That’s why I’m in great need for a haircut.

1 comment:

Jhan said...

Wow! I salute you sis...

Your blog is helpful especially for Mom-to-Be like me.

Keep on writing...

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