Friday, November 19, 2010

It’s Okay

  • Even if I have dark circles around my eyes, it’s okay, Anak, it just shows that I am taking care of you even during the wee hours of the morning.
  • Even if my breasts are bruised from the many pumping sessions a day that I do, it’s okay Anak, as long as you have a running supply of Mommy’s milk for consumption.
  • Even if my nipples sometimes crack from your nursing, it’s okay Anak, because I get to see you looking up at me while you’re nursing and that look is priceless.
  • Even if I have to eat too much malunggay and drink lots of sabaw, it’s okay Anak, if it could help in nourishing me and help my milk supply from not dwindling.
  • Even if I don’t get to go out as often as I wanted to, it’s okay Anak, as I get to see your all your firsts like your very first smile.
  • Even if my arms hurt from carrying you, it’s okay Anak, because I love holding your soft little body against mine.
  • Even if I have one obvious stitch down my tummy and stretch marks all over, it’s okay Anak, because having those marks mean having you as well.

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