Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Baptism Planning

I've been planning for Johan's baptism long before he arrived. I've already set my mind on booking Ermita Church for the ceremony and Hap Chan Tea House for the reception like what we did for our wedding. Hubby then gave me the thumbs up on this plan. But, when we moved here in Cavite he changed his mind. He wanted to hold the ceremony in a church here and the reception at their house where we are currently staying. I was so against the idea because
  1. Most of the guests are from Manila and QC and traveling all the way down to Cavite is too much of a hassle to them.
  2. I don't know any decent churches here in Cavite.
  3. I don't want to hold the reception at home because that would cost an entire day of cleaning the house in preparation for the event, stress on the day of the event if everything is ready and just the thought of cleaning up after everybody has left makes me tired already. It is just too much work.
Last weekend, me and hubby drove around to scout for churches. We wanted the ceremony to be held on a Saturday and we wanted a special service because we don't want the ceremony too crowded because Johan might be uncomfortable as I'm sure the church won't be properly ventilated what with too much crowd. We went to three churches - the first two don't have Saturday baptisms, the last one does but the call time is too early at 8am, that would mean the guests from QC and Manila would have to leave their homes at dawn just to make it in time for the ceremony and all three churches does not offer special baptisms. We did not try to search for other churches as we are sure that they would have the same regulations as the three that we inquired at.

Hubby and I talked and he then suggested to try our original plan of having Johan baptized in Ermita Church. Hurray! I then asked a friend to inquire if they have Saturday baptism and indeed they have. Only hitch is that we have to attend the seminar on the 2nd Sunday or the last Sunday of November before we could book a date. That would mean another long travel from Cavite to Manila which hubby is not so fond of.  We will be dropping by the church and the reception venue on Thursday when we drive up to Manila for Johan's check up. Well, I just hope he doesn't change his mind this time. I will be praying big time that he won't so I could then proceed with the planning.


Newlyweds said...

bilis... binyagan na.. at di pa din ako buntis..wahahhaa

Mamee Nani said...

happy planning sis! i hope everything will fall into place for johan's baptism.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mumi!
May I ask if you still have the baptismal package of hap chan..? Planning for my daughter's baptism too! Thanks much!

Shirley Mae Tabora said...

Hi Anonymous!

I'm so sorry but I was not able to get their latest food packages because we changed the reception venue from Hap Chan to Shakey's UN Avenue.

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