Thursday, November 25, 2010


I’ve been curious on the use of slings even before giving birth. Back then, I wanted to purchase one because I find them fashionable after seeing a mom wearing her baby at the mall and find it so cool. Now that Johan arrived, I wanted to own one to have my hands free to do other things (like blogging, heehee!). Good thing is a fellow n@wie is disposing her old Rjellybean sling (thanks again, Mai!). At first, I thought Johan wouldn’t like to be in the sling because it is too hot inside and I’m scared to put him in cradle position because I think his legs are being squished too tightly inside. So, I tried a different position, the front carry. This time we were successful! Johan loves it and easily fell asleep after I put him in the sling. Here are some pictures:

DSCF1436 Camera conscious na ang baby ko. He’s looking straight na at the camera.

DSCF1370“Emo” moments naming mag-ina. Hehe. This was taken at dawn while putting Johan to sleep.

I love wearing him and I look forward to wearing him when we go out on his baptism this Saturday. Super excited!

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Newlyweds said...

aww... so cute and sweet....

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