Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Johan Matthew's Christening

It was held last Saturday, November 27th at the same church that hubby and I got married in and was officiated by the same priest that married us. Cool huh?

It was a sunny morning and I was pretty stressed out after arriving at the church 30 minutes before the scheduled time without one godparent in sight (except for Ninong Chris who was our official driver for the day). I made a text brigade to all the godparents reminding them that the ceremony will be starting in a few minutes. Imagine how mad I would be after paying for 20 godparents and only one will be present for the ceremony. All hell will break lose, surely. Hehe. Fortunately, Father Sonny del Claro started the ceremony late. A few godparents arrived just in time so I was a little bit calmer when the ceremony started.

The ceremony was solemn and fast. I think we were done after 30 minutes. Our photo ops went even longer than the ceremony itself. :)

The reception venue was colorful and festive. Thanks to my cousin and Johan's Ninang, Ate Leslie for the decors. I super like everything you did. Nagmukhang bongga ang reception ni Johan eventhough simple lang ang food package that we got from Shakey's.

Johan cooperated and was awake during the reception so everybody got to see how cute he is with his chinito eyes. But, he grew fussy after so many photo ops and cried a little bit.

All in all, it was a successful event. We got to share our cute little man with everyone we love. Here are some photos:

Souvenirs for the guests
Brazo de Mercedes cupcakes 

  Tarpaulin designed by Ninang Les and printed by Ninong Lloyd

   Bunch of Lunch package of Shakey's

 Souvenirs for the godparents

Johan banderitas by Ninang Les

Cupcake tower
Johan before changing into his second outfit at the reception 

Fr. Sonny del Claro - NSDG Parish Priest, the same one who officiated our marriage now baptized our son
Great shot by my sister Roan in collaboration with our friend JJ

Family picture 

Johan Matthew fully awake at the reception


Newlyweds said...

time really flies, baptism na... you look as if you didn't gave birth.. welcome to the Christian world baby Johan!

Shirley Mae Tabora said...

Hi, Sis Mei! Yep, time flies talaga. Dami nga nagsasabi ang bilis ko daw pumayat. Eh look at how big naman my son is lakas kaya sa breastmilk nyan. Talagang papayat ako hehe. How's your pregnancy?

Jhan said...

Wow! Big n Nya!
And u look slim agad! Galing naman.

Happy happy.

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