Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Chance to Dress Up

I never had the chance to go out since giving birth except for doctor’s visits and grocery trips. With the hectic schedule of expressing milk, Johan’s feeding sessions, bath time, nappy changes, sleepless nights – I usually look haggard around the house being unable to even comb my hair sometimes. I miss dressing up, putting on make up and wearing killer shoes (literally killer as in nakakamatay either ng kuko or ng veins sa sobrang high heels) Haha!

I’m excited for Johan and also for myself on his baptism this coming Saturday. This gives me a chance to dress him up and myself too. I already bought Johan his christening clothes (Thanks, Ninang Yaya Sheila!), his shoes and he’ll be changing into an Osh Kosh B’gosh onesie at the reception (again, thanks Ninang Yaya!). Hubby will be wearing one of his polo shirts (he doesn’t want to buy a new one, kurips talaga hehe!). As for myself, I already bought a short printed dress (which hides my post pregnancy tummy) and for the shoes, well, I’ll be wearing these…


Good luck to my feet and I do hope I don’t slip!

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