Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Very Cramped Drawer

I knew that I had to make space for Johan’s arrival. I had to put some stuff away to make way for the crib and since we haven’t gotten around to buying him his own dresser, I had to vacate some drawers on our already full Orocan plastic dresser. I was only able to make one drawer available as I don’t have enough storage bins so look at how Johan’s stuff filled the drawer:


It really is that cramped and take note, those are just some of Johan’s stuff. Most are still in their original packaging waiting to be washed and stored. I’ve been wanting to have a wooden dresser custom-made and even searched the net for inspirations, like these two:


But, due to the limited space in our bedroom I don’t think it’s possible as of the moment. So, I’ll leave this for now until we have our own house. I’d probably just buy another one of those plastic dressers to hold all of Johan’s stuff for the meantime.


poison ivy said...

i love that white dresser, where did you find it? :)

Shirley Mae Tabora said...

Hi Ivy! I just saw that dresser as I was browsing the internet. Here's the link to the website: http://www.csnbaby.com/Berg-Furniture-26-239-XX-FX1143.html?cv=

Cute no? Pati price cute, hehe. $836.00 just for a dresser.

Thanks for dropping by!

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