Monday, August 9, 2010

Packing Time

I’m already on my 32nd week and I’m still listing down things to do and questions to ask my OB on our next check up on August 28. When we last saw her, she told us that Baby Johan should not be making his grand entrance in less than 7 weeks. But, still I want to be prepared just in case the unexpected happens. So, last week I washed some of Johan’s clothes and my MIL finished everything today because I still cannot hand wash everything since I still got wounds on my fingers after I did the washing last week. I wanted to do the packing early on so it would be quick to just grab the bag and rush to the hospital come Labor Day. Still, there are some things that need to be bought and I’m waiting for more of Johan’s stuff which my Mom is supposed to bring from our house in Laguna.

For now, here’s what I am packing:

DSCF0099Three sets of mittens, three socks, sets of side-tie shirts, a couple of bonnets and a receiving blanket

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