Thursday, August 12, 2010

Almost But Not Quite Enough

DSCF0132 Manila Bay at around 4 in the afternoon. The sun’s shining but not enough for a photo shoot.

Today’s plans for my maternity photo shoot did push through. But we started out much later than we thought we would. We planned to start at around 8 in the morning just as the sun has already shone but hopefully not that humid enough. What we weren’t expecting were the heavy rains that poured this morning which lasted until way beyond lunch time. This didn’t give us much options as we were really looking forward to an outdoor shoot. Luckily enough we found one nice little cafe inside the Mall of Asia with cute furnishings ideal for an indoor photo shoot. We asked the staff if it’s alright to take a few shots there while Papa sipped his Capuccino and we shared two servings of Crepes (Peach Crepe and Strawberry Crepe). The staff were kind enough to give in. So, we took some shots there while waiting for the rain to stop, which took forever, until we were hungry again in time for lunch. We had our lunch and my photographer sister had to leave the MOA to go to the DFA to have her passport renewed. She came back around 3 in the afternoon and by then there was a glimpse of the sun. Finally.

So, we grabbed our stuff and went to the Seaside grounds of the MOA to do the shoot. It was unbelievably hot for an afternoon with the sun barely in sight. I was uncomfortable and was itching for the shoot to be over. My feet were killing me. Obviously, they can’t take my weight anymore much less walking back and forth looking for some nice spots for the shoot. I was really grateful (almost to the point that I don’t want to get up) when I lied down on the grass for one shot. We wanted to take some shots as the sun was setting but the extreme heat made it impossible for us. After only a few shots, we were on our way back to the air-conditioned haven of the MOA.

All in all, it was a good experience. I got to bond with my sister and my parents (who were our official PAs for the day). Hopefully, with those few shots we still got some unforgettable ones worth of uploading. :)

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