Sunday, August 8, 2010

CJ came to Visit

CJ is my niece, Cassandra Jay. She is the first pamangkin/apo in the family so she is well-loved by everyone. I so miss this little girl because she used to stay with us for months when she was still a baby till she grew up to be a toddler. Now, she’s 5 years old and goes to school already so she only gets to visit her Lolo and Loli in Laguna every weekends. I saw her last when I stayed in my parents house in Laguna last March so I was really glad when my Mom and CJ went to visit me last Friday here in Manila. We just met at the mall near our house and as usual spent a lot on CJ. Hehe! Here are some pics:

From top to bottom: CJ loves all things gummy – gummy bears, gummy worms – so when she saw gummy burgers at the supermarket she just grabbed a bag and won’t let go, we spent a lot of tokens on one of those “alien games” at the arcade where you try to get as many chocolate bars as you can (if you look closely enough on the right you’ll see that we almost got 1 Crunch bar but just as we were about to drop it in the hole we ran out of time), she’s making me kulit to buy one of those dolls, CJ never got tired of this ride – made me dizzy just watching her.

I miss you, Cassandra! I’ll see you soon and don’t worry I will ask my doctor if you will be allowed inside the Delivery Room when Johan arrives so you can take pictures of him and I will make sure that the doctor knows you’re not scared of blood so she’ll let you in.

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