Monday, July 18, 2011

Who do you think you are?

I’m so sorry for this post but I am still seething from yesterday’s experience during lunch at Bonchon in Greenbelt 1.

My family and I were already seated at the right side of the place, in one of the two “high tables”. We were with 3 kids below the age of 7 and one infant, Johan. Imagine how difficult it was for the kids to sit on the bar-like stools, not to mention, dangerous if in case one of the kids fall. So, when we noticed some customers seated at the lower tables were already done eating we told one of the staff to reserve the table and we’re going to switch to theirs once they left.

But due to the number of customers entering the restaurant there is a huge possibility that the table we had asked to be reserved would be taken. So, me and Johan sat on the table beside the one we were waiting to be vacant. On the table we were waiting were seated three persons, I assumed the dad, the daughter and the son. They were already done eating and were just chatting. Let me just make this clear, we were patiently waiting and were sitting down. We were not acting like shadows standing behind these people and we NEVER asked them to stand up or leave. I was even playing with Johan and singing some nursery rhymes.

After a while, a woman emerged from the washroom and sat beside the dad, I assume the Mom. Then the dad stood up and went to the washroom and when he came back, he and their children stood up and left the restaurant. During this time, I was already standing knowing they were about to leave and my sister was already with me and Johan. But the mom stayed seated, took her time to retouch her make up (remember she just came from the washroom) and sipped some water. But we never said a word even if it was already 2 in the afternoon and we haven’t had lunch yet, the kids were getting edgy, still we patiently waited for her to leave.

When all of a sudden she stood up and pushed her chair hard making it bang against the table. My sister and I were surprised and we know that it was no accident. The other customers in the restaurant heard it as well and maybe due to our stomachs growling and to the fact that we are not known to make incidents like these pass, my sister and I called out to the woman, “Is there a problem?” “who do you think you are?”, numerous times to which she paid no attention to.

My sister and I were really itching to run up to her and confront her but our companions were telling us to just let it go.

I hate people like these. People who act like they’re better than everyone.

So, to you, Madam, just because you’re dressed better than anyone else at Bonchon, it does not give you the right to act like you own the place. We were all paying customers and the place is no fine dining restaurant anyway so pull your act together and go get some manners.

Just who do you think you are???


Anonymous said...

OMG she's annoying! errr

Shirley Mae Tabora said...

Yes, she is!

Rianne said...

ay nakakainit naman ng ulo yan!

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