Thursday, July 28, 2011

Johan’s Best Buddies

Let me introduce to you Johan’s current best friends:

Untitled-1 copy-2 Chirpy

Untitled-2 copy-2 Jasper

Untitled-3 copy-2Humphrey


These are the characters from Johan’s favorite Touch and Feel book, Chirpy Chick. This is a good book because it is colorful and comes with different textures. I wonder, though, why there aren’t any lights and sounds coming from Dan, the tractor, when there should have been  a surprise sound at Dan’s page.

I say this is Johan’s favorite because whenever we lay on the bed and I spread the book in front of him, he stops whatever he is doing to “read”. He loves touching Chirpy’s feathers, Jasper’s vinyl nose and their moving eyes.


These past few days, however, I realized he found another thing to love about the book. Holes!

DSCF7019Playing peek-a-boo with his foot!

He does this everytime, he’ll put his foot in the hole and laugh then remove it from the hole and put it back again and laugh again. So cute!

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