Friday, July 8, 2011

The Book Project Manila

I stumbled upon this through Jackie Go’s blog, My Nocturnal Journal.


The primary objective is to leave a book at a random place where another person can pick it up and hopefully that person does somebody else the same favor and leave another or the same book for someone else to read. To know more about this project head on over to The Book Project Manila.

The concept is interesting and I am curious as to how this project will turn out. I’m already visualizing something like the movie “Pay It Forward”. I love how this project will make more bookworms out of Pinoys and hopefully this’ll turn out to be a success.

I will definitely participate, how about you?

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jerellt said...

I grabbed all my books and made them as table centerpieces during my book-themed wedding last June. But I later on found out that I was missing almost 10 books from my collection. I felt really bad because we already gave our guests bookmarks and cream puffs as souvenirs, not to mention that we also hired a photobooth supplier. But my books were not spared. :(

Reading your entry helped me a lot in letting go of my books (finally after a month haha). And yes, I promise to be a part The Book Project Manila. Sorry, haba ng comment ko. :)

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