Sunday, July 3, 2011

High Chair

I’ve seen this on Mommy Fleur’s blog and I loved the design.


I immediately went to the Stokke website and read more. Taken from the website:
Well, you can’t move the chair down to the ground, because then your elbows won’t reach the table. So how about moving the floor up to meet your feet? That’s what the Tripp Trapp® does, by providing a stable footrest that supports a child’s feet and allows it to sit at the correct height, its elbows inheight with the table, in comfort and security. Then there’s the problem of your upper body not being supported because the back rest is too far away. The Tripp Trapp® chair’s unique depth adjustability solves that one, meaning that no matter how big or small your baby, his or her feet and back can be perfectly supported. Not only does this chair grow with your child, it can adjust to custom fit your child’s body, enabling comfortable and natural ergonomic sitting.
After reading more about the Tripp Trapp® Chair, I was amazed at the concept. Who would not be amazed at this?

A high chair that is adjustable and can be converted to a chair that even an adult can sit on! What’s even great is that it is available in many, many colors!


How I wish I could get this for Johan. I browsed the entire website but could not find how much this costs, so I went to and found out that this chair would cost me $221. Almost 10 thousand pesos which I am 100% sure hubby would not approve of. I really wish.

Anyway, if you’re interested in purchasing this product, you may go to the following stores as they carry the Stokke brand:

Rustan Commercial Corporation
4th Floor, Oppen Building, 349 Sen.
1200 Makati

Rustan's Glorietta
Glorietta Shopping Mall
1225 Makati

Suyen Corporation
2214 Tolentino St., Sta. Clara,
1300 Pasay

Photo credits from Stokke.

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