Friday, June 29, 2012

Johan's Favorite Beverage(s)

Johan loves to try everything, nowadays. Whenever me or hubby is eating/drinking something, it is always a sure thing that Johan would try to snatch whatever's in our hands to taste it himself. Here are some of his fave:

The ever tasty taho or beancurd pudding

When we went home to my parents' house last week, Johan drank taho bought from the same magtataho vendor that we bought from since me and my siblings were little. Mang Jerry has me when I was kid and now he is serving my kid.

It was too late when he realized that the disposable glass of the taho is too
soft on his hands. He pressed hard and there goes his taho - all over his face!

When we ate at Hap Chan, Johan wanted to taste my Milk Tea.

He loved it so much, we even transferred some to his bottle.

He also loves pineapple juice and strawberry flavored probiotic drink from Bear Brand. Weirdly, though, he doesn't like the taste of Yakult. I wonder why. 

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