Monday, June 25, 2012

I Own It

Remember this picture from my "I'm Owning It" post? That is the before photo.

This is the now photo: 

We were finally able to save enough for the down payment and gathered enough courage to sign 48 months worth of post dated checks in the amount that gives me the nerves everytime I think about it. Hehe.

Although, we didn't get a Toyota Vios as I previously posted. We got a Toyota Altis 1.6G instead - which is way better than the Vios but also priced waayyyy higher. The decision was made after much deliberation between the husband and myself - weighing the pros and cons, setting the budget and who to pay this and that, prioritizing and basically planning on how to survive the next 48 months.

I am just so proud of ourselves for finally making this huge decision for our family. This is one dream that came true ahead of time and honestly, almost sent me to tears when we finally met "Joey". 

Yup, we named our car Joey, in recognition to our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal, because we took Joey home on the day that Jose Rizal was born.

More about Joey in the next posts.

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