Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good and Bad Week

It’s been a very long and tiring week at work and as much as I wanted to share some very good news (and sad news), I found myself drained out of energy by the time I arrive home. The past two weeks were unexpected – in a good and bad way. A lot of things happened beyond expectation and I prayed hard during those times – harder than most days, actually.

One of the unexpected was when we were finally able to bring “Joey” home. I will be writing a series of posts about this as this blessing truly deserved more than one post. I will be sharing how we arrived at the decision on when and where to get “Joey”. I’ve already shared some photos in Facebook and even provided status updates on my Facebook timeline and sent emails with lots of gmail emoticons on the day we took Joey home.

Another unexpected and the sad news was when my Tita had a stroke and everybody in the family was devastated. My Tita is the most joyful person I know and she lights up any room she enters. She’s just a happy person and seeing her in that condition saddened me. Thankfully, God heard our prayers and she was out of the ICU in a few days but still has to undergo therapy because the left side of her body went numb. We’re still praying she gets well soon. Will you pray with us, please?

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