Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Overly Excited for Next Year's Event

Today, I received a text message from a long time friend. She's finally getting married and she's inviting us to attend. What's exciting is that she's asking my permission to have Johan included in her entourage as her bible or coin bearer! She didn't have to ask permission. I, myself, would have volunteered my son for the part! #imsuchastagemom

You see, I am actually worried that my son won't be asked to be somebody's coin bearer or ring bearer or bible bearer because most of my cousins are already married. My sisters (ahem, ahem) don't seem to have any plans on getting married anytime soon. So, hearing the news from my friend sent me to seventh heaven! Hehehe, OA much?

I know, the wedding won't happen until June 2013, but I am just so excited to see Johan in a tux and walking by himself to the altar. I will make sure he does and I will make him practice and practice when the date comes nearer.

Anyway, congrats again to my friend KJ and his would-be-hubby RC! Thank you for thinking of Johan to be a  part of your wedding and for making a certified stage mommy's dream come true. =)

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