Thursday, May 17, 2012

Family Travel Plans

My family and I have been contemplating on traveling together. We’ve been on constant planning where to go, what places to visit, how to travel to the place but none of plans, however, have pushed through.

We cannot quite decide where to go, one wants to go to Tagaytay while the other wants to go to Puerto Galera. Me, I’d love to go somewhere overseas, that is, if we have the budget to do that. I wanted the kids to bond together because they don’t see each other that often. I wanted them to grow up like me and my cousins did. We are all bonded so close that we treat each other more as sisters and brothers than merely cousins.

I’ve been searching online for cheap apartments for rent that could fit everybody in. There were a lot of options over at airbnb. I’ve seen apartments, condos, vacation houses even castles to name a few. These are all good options and I’m going to discuss this with everybody else so we could get to travel before summer ends and before school starts.

I hope everybody’s schedules will meet so our plans will finally push through. I also hope I could get to take a leave off work to do just that.

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