Friday, May 25, 2012

Interest in Stocks

For the longest time, I have been overly curious how the stock market works. I’ve heard several success stories of people buying stocks and earning a lot from their shares and I wonder how they do it. Lately, I noticed that I’ve been reading the Business Section of the daily newspaper, something that I don’t usually do. I am very interested in learning how to make my money grow – be it in buying and selling shares in the stock market, investing in trust funds or purchasing shares of penny stocks from Timothy Sykes.

I know I can always save my money in the bank but the low monthly interest,  which is close to none by the way, does not appeal to me that much. My husband and I have been thinking of starting up our own business but we’re still on the researching process on what kind to put up and if we have enough capital to start with.

Some of my friends are even urging me to join those pyramid companies where you won’t do anything and yet, you’ll still earn by way of your down line. It sounds too good to be true to me so I didn’t really pursue that nor do I intend to.

I do hope I’ll get to learn the ropes on purchasing and selling stock shares. Can anybody teach me?

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