Thursday, February 16, 2012

Johan's Great Escape

He tried it so many times and failed.

Until yesterday.

Hubby was in front the computer with his back to Johan, who was in his crib that time watching the Baby First Channel. He heard Johan call out to him but didn't mind him thinking he just wants to have the channel changed...until he heard something drop on the floor.

Johan has gotten out of his crib all by himself. He used one of his pillows, stepped on it, hoisted himself up the railings and out of his crib. The "drop" that hubby heard was Johan's buttocks hitting the floor. The sound wasn't that loud so hubby assumed Johan must have stepped on the crib's mattress from the outside and just fell sitting down. The distance from the mattress to the floor is merely seven inches, I should know - I measured it just now. =)

According to hubby Johan didn't cry. He even gave hubby a really naughty smile, as if saying, "I finally escaped!" and then stood up and walked out of the room.

I know I should have been worried and hysterical about the whole thing but I am not, well, I was at first. But when hubby told me Johan just smiled at him and didn't appear to be hurt, I am nothing but a very proud Mommy to a little boy who's growing every minute and growing up to be a very independent, creative little boy at that.

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