Sunday, February 26, 2012

Johan's Day Out with Loli and Papa Lolo

Last Thursday, my parents went to our house to get Johan. My MIL, who was the one taking care of him, had to go somewhere so there will be nobody left to look after my son. I am just so blessed to have a great support system like hubby's mom and my own family. They all made my switching from SAHM to working mom easier because I won't have to worry every time I leave for work, my son will be left in very good, loving hands.

Anyway, back to last Thursday. I was a bit worried because Johan's not that familiar with my parents. Yes, he would let them carry him but I was always with him when they do. But, my son surprised me. He went with his Papa Lolo, my father, when they arrived at our house. My mom told me Johan was well-behaved the entire time they were commuting from our house to the mall and how he ran around the mall and had fun with the rides. I am one proud mom when my mom told me Johan has good manners. Whenever his mouth is messy after drinking milk or eating he would instantly wipe it with his burp cloth, just as I taught him. And there was a time when another kid approached the "animal" he was riding to touch it, but Johan didn't get mad and kicked/pushed the other kid, like some kids would, he merely looked at the other kid.

I just pity my parents when I met up with them after work to pick up Johan. My parents look so tired! And it was just after a day of spending it with my son. He really is a very active toddler and looking after him, err, let me correct that, running after him can be really draining!

But, thank you Loli and Papa Lolo for always being there for Johan.

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