Saturday, February 4, 2012

How was my First Day?

I think I did pretty well.

Johan woke up almost the same time I did. He asked to be carried and I gave in while I cooked my baon for work. Good thing he let me put him down in his crib when it was time for me to take a bath.

He stayed awake until I left for work and the "tearful goodbye" (from me) that I was expecting to happen surprisingly did not take place. Though I felt really sad that I was leaving him behind, I felt more energized, refreshed and very ready to take on new roles.

Of course, I missed him the entire day. Especially when 10 o'clock struck because that was the time I usually give him his bath. During the orientation at work, I secretly sent text messages to my MIL asking how Johan was doing, if he already took his vitamins, how many bottles of milk has he consumed already or has he taken his naps.

I promised myself that I will stay calm and won't worry too much. But, the mom in me just can't help it. It's in my blood to worry.

When I arrived home, Johan was already sleeping and I think that was the saddest thing. I thought he will still be up and will welcome me with his killer smile. But he did not.

I wish he will wait for me next time.

(Oh and as for work, everything went great. I expected it to so I'm not really that worried about that. More stories in the coming days.)

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