Friday, June 24, 2011

Mommy Moments – Father’s Day 2011

mommy moments
It was hubby’s first father’s day and I am so bummed out that I wasn’t able to give him anything. I was chatting with my best friend on YM a few days before Father’s Day when she asked me to check my mail. She sent me a photo of a watch she would be giving her husband on Daddy’s Day. Heck, I wanted to strangle her for adding more flame to my already burning conscience. I can’t buy hubby a gift because I am saving every peso for Johan’s first birthday. When I told my best friend how I was feeling really down she told me jokingly I could always give hubby ’what every man wants’, but hell, I can’t even give that to him because unfortunately it was red flag week. Kawawa talaga the hubby. Hehe!

So, come Father’s Day (which we celebrated as posted here), I vowed not to act primadonna, I vowed to let him do whatever he wanted, I vowed not to give him a hard time and I vowed to let him bond with Johan. And that’s what I did.






Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! Johan and I love you oh so much!


Tetcha said...

Your love and support are worth more than any gift you can give your husband. Belated Happy Father's Day to him! Here's my MM entry:

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wawa naman si Daddy, ala ng gift, ala pang LM lol..

Our Father's Day, have a great weekend!

kimmy said...

hahaha! it's alright girl. you can always make it up next father's day, lol!

my entry is right HERE!

Chris said...

being together is more than enough.. :) and you can always celebrate the special occasion on your daily togetherness :)

hope to see you again next week! thanks for joining!

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