Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father’s Day Surprise

My sisters and I have been exchanging emails and text messages everyday of last week prior to Father’s Day. We wanted to stage a surprise Father’s Day affair for our Papa and early Birthday celebration for him and Mama as they will be celebrating their birthdays on June 22nd.

Everything was all set, we were all to go home to our parents house without them knowing but come Thursday, we had to change plans. My mom and her sisters planned to meet at Festival Supermall in Alabang on Sunday to talk about some family affairs. So we only have to move the venue from my parents house to Festival Mall. But, we also have to convince our father to go there as well - the problem is what are going to tell him. Our sister, Lhai, was able to think of a great idea on how we could bring our Papa to the mall. Lhai told Papa she will treat him to some Bingo sessions at the mall. Shhh, my parents are quite shy about this hence the small font. Haha!

Again, everything is set. When Sunday came, Mama has been texting all of us to greet our Papa for Father’s Day and not surprisingly, not one of us were replying to her texts. I’m pretty sure she got all hyped out about this because of all things that Mama hates, it is not texting back that infuriates her the most.

We were all to meet up at Max’s Restaurant and we were to avoid the Food Court because that’s where Mama and her siblings are at. Then Papa became a problem. He was supposed to stay with Mama and my youngest brother but he didn’t and went around the mall. Imagine me,  with hubby and Johan (the latecomers), my neck hurting from looking around, heart pounding, scared that Papa might just turn up in front of us that’ll blow the surprise. Thankfully, we arrived at the restaurant without any glitches.

Another unexpected surprise came beforehand. My brother and his family arrived. I’d rather not talk about why this is such a surprise, but it is and I’m sure our parents will tear up when they see them especially their eldest grandchild with my brother, Cassandra Jay. My mom has been telling me she misses Cassandra so much. (She’s the little girl who ran towards my parents in the video below)

So, there we were standing in one bunch in the function room of Max’s Restaurant, my brother and his family hidden behind all of us, every one of us all tensed up and anxious to shout.. Oh, I think I better let the video do the talking.

It was a great way to spend Father’s Day and my parents’ birthday. I hope we were able to make them happy with this simple surprise. Thank you to everyone who participated and to my father, the best father anybody could ask for, Happy Father’s Day, we love you so much!


Belated Happy Father's Day to all Dads!

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