Saturday, June 11, 2011


pisobid3, a newly founded auction site that’s been creating a buzz in social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. I registered myself and got hooked. Hehe! How can you not if you get to bid for cool gadgets like IPhones, Ipod, Digicams, Game Consoles, Galaxy Tabs and an assortment of GCs from known stores and prepaid loads starting at only 1 peso!

Like most people, I was skeptic about this new site. Everything is too good to be true – an Apple Iphone 4 won by one bidder for only Php 85.26, An Apple Ipod Touch 32G won for only Php 10.26 and a 13-inch MacBook Air (128GB) for only Php 132.06.

The other night was the most stressful night I ever had, well I am overreacting, but I was pretty tensed. Look at all these active auctions:


I was bidding for the MacBook Air, of course, but also bidding on the other three. I only had three bids left on my account and I don’t want to waste any of it so I was waiting for the perfect timing and to my surprise the waiting paid off.


I won the 250 Bid Pack and it was like the magic genie granting me not just three wishes but multiplying it more than 10-fold. After claiming it (paying through Paypal and having the bids credited to my account), I now have extra bids for the Macbook Air, which I didn’t win unfortunately, but at least I still have 200+ more bids for the future auctions. I love, love, love it!

I admit, I’m still having doubts even if I already won the Bid Pack. One huge win like an Iphone or a laptop delivered right at my doorstep will surely make me a changed skeptic.

So, goodbye for now as I’ve got more bidding to do and I just know that I’ll be using my bids on those big ticket items until they are going…going…gone.

Happy Bidding everyone!

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with, this blog post consisted of my honest opinion and own experience as a Pisobid registered bidder.


Ako si Khulas said...

Nice Blog, and I too actually admire who ever thought about this whole set up. I was like bidding for that XBOX which potpot won, the sad thing is, it ended that I was the highest bidder and I even have a screen shot showing this that I have saved. I was quite shocked that the other guy won it, though its cool. :)

The thing is, we cant but avoid to think that we are betting against some BOTS. I mean, they do let REAL people win, but fact is, they could place a BOT there somewhere just to keep the action alive and for more bidders to participate.

If they think the amount is quite enough for their ROI on the gadget, site maintinance etc. They quit the BOT and then let REAL bidders go at it until someone really wins.

I guess you are right, its real but as business people, those behind PISOBID wouldnt want to go bankrupt so its a possibility that they use BOTS in there somewhere, just like what happend to Ebay.

In any case, congratulations to the real winners and for those who didnt win (like me) the thrill was worth it!

I still got like 8 bids left, I wonder if they will ever let us bid for a tour inside PISO BID headquarters.

"Today's BID, a 3 day 2 night vacation and tour in the PISO BID headquarters. Get to see that we don't use BOTS. For real!"

Just kidding! Happy Bidding Everyone! Congrats on your win!

alma said...

I agree with everything you said. I also bid for a GC and appeared to be the highest bidder and yet I didn't win it. I was also thinking they must be using bots.And there's really such possibility. I like what you said about the tour to Pisobid headquarters. I wish, too, that we can bid on something like that.hehehe

gerrycho said...

to say that theres a bot behind Pisobid is not farfetched -- its really scary of the thought...

kaunting google lang, makakabasa ka ng mga instances where sites operates and have autobidders...

i just hope Pisobid is one of those exceptions, wala ring way to find it out eh...

coeline said...

wow!! congrats!! you're so lucky! i guess it's strategic, too. I also joined pisobid some days ago and got hooked since last night (when I started bidding). it was dead tiring for me, but the experience was just awesome! now i know the techniques and just today, i found that they're having another 250 bid pack (a perfect way to start bidding again later).. :)

Anonymous said...

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JuanMig said...


Pisobid generates its income from the bidders who but bidpacks. It became popular soon after its release. Meron din silang ina upload na mga videos sa kanilang mga winner to prove na walang daya involve at dinideliver talaga yung item. Meron din silang stand by na support for the you sa facebook, twitter and email if you have questions and inquiries. And one thing for sure, Pisobid is not a scam.

As for the "BOTS" meron naman napapanalunan na mga items na below sa kanilang selling price. For example, yung LV Damier Speedy 30
na originally 40,800 eh nabili lang ng 5.57php. Kung e coconvert yun by 6php/bid eh 3,342 lang. Malayo sa original price na 40800. Kung may bots pa eh di sana pinalaki nila muna yung price. Heto pa:

Xbox 360 Slim 250GB - ₱8.58 x 6/bid is 5,148.

at marami pang iba.

Walang bots, magaling lang talagang dumiskarte ang pisobid para kumita sila at makatulong sa mga taong gustong magkaroon ng mga gadgets na mga mura.

Vonpals said...

Yung mga taong nagsasabi na scam ang Pisobid ay mga taong:

1. walang pambili ng bids
2. natalo sa bidding
3. Hindi nakapag bid
4. taga ibang piso auction site

Please check this blog para malinawan:

Mila said...

Pisobid is not a scam. Nagresearch po ako mabuti sa Pisobid. Magjojoin sana ako kaso wala talagang time.

First of all, members should know that this is a business and not a charity organization. Members should play in order to get the item that they want.

As for bots, i really know when there is one. Have you seen the new auction site called Dito maraming bots. Umaabot hanggang 500 pesos ang price eh tapos ang bilis pa.

Also, Pisobid has been in the online business since May and everyday they are giving lots of items. I think the items they have given has totaled to 2000+.

And lastly, I know that fortdan023 guy and I heard he was banned together with other bidders. Well, you should know that this fortdan guys has been sucking dry the other piso auction site called Bilibid and not only him, he got his wife and his friends playing in the site. It is clear that team play is tolerated there.

Now you choose.

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