Monday, June 7, 2010

New DIY Project on the Way

Getting pregnant indeed has its perks. Baby shower is one and in two weeks time I will be having a second baby shower for our little one. My sisters and cousin are throwing an animals theme baby shower for me on the 20th and I cannot tell you how excited I am.

However, I cannot just sit on one corner without giving any input on what I want. I'm OC that way and surely makes me a person not up for surprises. I want to be in on the planning and the execution. I would like to think of myself as the creative artist behind the curtain rather than being the lead actress. =)

So, after much pangungulit on my part, my sisters and cousin allowed me to contribute a little to the baby shower. I made the invites, the banner design and I will be the one to provide the favors.

I'm already done with the invites and the banner. As for the favors, I am planning to give out candies or chocolates repacked in small plastic bags and then put into favor boxes. I'd like to make the boxes myself and I even downloaded several box templates and tried creating some. So far, the one that tops my list is this favor box which would only require folding the cardboard. No more cutting or glueing so this one is pretty easy to do.

This one is from the website where I got the instructions how to make the box. Get the instructions here.

I will be making at least 30 boxes like this in aqua colored cardboard with brown ribbon and this gift tag that I made.

I will post finished products once I am done with all the boxes.

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