Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My New Best Friends

Obucort Swinghaler and Ventolin Inhaler.

It's been three weeks that I've been harboring this persistent cough. I was given antibiotics, cough meds and Vit C by my OB on the first week of this cough. After a week, I was still coughing and was advised to consult my Pulmonologist already. I was diagnosed with (what else?) Bronchial Asthma and was put under Ventolin Inhaler and another set of antibiotics and cough meds. I declined the advise of my Pulmo to put me under steroids for fear of the side effects it might cause to our baby.

Now, after two weeks of medication, I'm still coughing, I don't have a choice. I went back to my Pulmo and he told me that I have to take steroids or my baby will have less oxygen. He gave me a new inhaler, Obucort - a corticosteroid swinghaler which is safer because every puff will go directly to the lungs. I am to puff both my Ventolin Inhaler and Obucort everyday so we can control my asthma.

I just hope that we can control my asthma this early so I won't have an attack come labor day.


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