Thursday, June 24, 2010

Clay Pots of my Younger Years

I was browsing through my files when I saw these pictures that I completely forgot to blog about. These are some photos of mini clay pots and fruits that I took in January during a trip to Divisoria. I just could not resist the urge as these toys bring back tons of childhood memories.

I remember as a kid that I ask my Mom or my Lola to bring me these clay pots after their trip from the market. I would play "luto-lutuan"  with my sisters and pretend that we were serving sumptuous meals out of these pots. We usually break a few and Mama would readily buy new ones for us.

I'm just wondering, in this age of PSPs, Wii and those other gadgets, do kids still play with toys like these?

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Maudey said...

hi there! i just stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed reading it. i figured i just had to comment on this one because I recently went to Antipolo and became totally nostalgic seeing the clay pots there! :) i also used to play with them when i was younger. hope we could be blogmates :) visit me some time:

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