Monday, June 28, 2010

Baptism Planning

Just to get my mind off how painful labor and delivery could be (after reading What to Expect When You're Expecting), I busied myself over the planning of our baby Johan's baptism. My cousin is urging me to start early on because I won't have the time (and energy, I suppose) once baby Johan arrives. 

I know I blogged about DIY Teddy Bears a few posts away but I don't think I would be able to push through with the idea given that I won't be able to canvass for materials anymore given the already huge belly that I now have. Such a waste, I think those bears are really cute.

Anyway, I got this idea also from my cousin who recently helped her friend plan for her daughter's baptism. Also, I would want to hand out edible give aways like what we did for our wedding where we gave away cupcakes.

Here are some inspirations:

For the sponsors, I'm planning on giving out chocolates in glass jars just like these. I already found a supplier of glass jars in Multiply selling 150 oz jars for just P12.00 each. What a steal! I'll purchase the chocolates from Chocolate Lover's

As for the other guests, I will make chocolate lollipops like these. The mold and the chocolate will also be purchased from Chocolate Lover's

I did my math and I think I will only be spending more or less P1000.00 for the give aways.

As for the cake, I'm torn between ordering an edible cake and making a diaper cake. The latter would be way cheaper but I can't resist getting a sweet treat from our cupcake supplier during our wedding: Frupcakes.

I already asked Clarissa for a quote on this cake but with a different topper, of course.

But this diaper cake is also nice.

So much to think about for the baptism which we would like to happen by December before Christmas. We would like Johan to be baptized before we head to various family reunions come Christmas Day. Still got a few months anyway, so there's really no rush. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! may i know your supplier for the glass jars please?

Thanks and God bless

Shirley Mae Tabora said...

Hi! It would have helped if you left an email address. :) Anyway, you can visit their multiply site Thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

hi! thanks for the info! sorry..,i was in the middle of work...di ko naisip mag-iwan e-mail...hehehe...

Good luck on your pregnancy and sa pag-plan ng binyag...

love your blog! this is where i learned about kenipo, tagaytay...
I have a blog,, which i don't have time to write to anymore...
God bless!

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