Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tagaytay Meet Up with My Bestfriend

My bestfriend, Mhy, and I have been friends since college, so that's more or less 15 years of friendship. Sometime around 2005 or 2006, she decided to go to Singapore for work and we've seen each other less since then except for the infrequent trips home she made each year. We did have disagreements in that 15 years, most of them petty but we share some things which I think are cool - like we're both the eldest, we're both born on the month of January, even our kids share the same birth month and year of October 2010 and the best thing of all, my husband, Deck, and Mhy's husband, Bong, are friends with each other as well way before we were all married. And that makes meeting up all the more fun!

This year, Mhy decided to stay home for good. She arrived from Singapore earlier this month and it was only yesterday that we both found the time to meet up. They wanted to do a break-in of their brand new car and they decided to head to Tagaytay and who am I to say no?

My Bag of Beans all-time fave, Blueberry Cheesecake P195
and Bottomless Kapeng Barako P120

One quick family photo before our meal arrived
We chose to go to Bag of Beans as Mhy's family already had lunch and were dying for some desserts. Bag of Beans' Blueberry Cheesecake is the best especially if paired with bottomless Kapeng Barako that's why these two are my usual order whenever we visit Tagaytay.

Ethan, Mhy's son and Johan sat beside each other the entire time, played with Ethan's toys and shared a plate of Bag of Beans' Funny Face.

Funny Face P130

It's heartwarming to see these kids get along with each other. It has been my dream for Mhy's kids and my own kids to be friends and get along within themselves as Mhy and I have been to each other. Now, if there's something else that makes me happy aside from that, it's watching these two goof around and rekindle their own "relationship" with each other.

If they had a moment, Mhy and I made sure we had ours as well.

Taken during our escape to the comfort room to make the dads watch
over the boys

And then these two adorable little boys had their turn in front of the camera.

Melts my heart each time and I really, really hope they'd grow up to be very good friends like their moms and dads.

It was just a short trip but it's more than enough for all of us to meet and have a great time.

Cheers to friends!

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kimmy said...

the last time i've been to Tagaytay was in 2009.. :( wish i could go back.

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