Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

At first, I thought we won't be participating in the Trick or Treat event of Convergys, Nuvali where my sister is working. This is because the event was scheduled at seven in the morning and coming from our house in Dasmarinas, Cavite would mean that we have to get up at dawn just to be able to make it on time. But a few days before the event, I found out that we have to stay with my parents in Binan, Laguna and since it is much closer to Nuvali, I decided to have Johan signed up for the Trick or Treat.

Given that I only had a few days to think of a Halloween costume, I wasn't really prepared unlike last year where I was able to come up with a Russell costume complete with all the badges and scarf. So, I searched at home for possible costumes and I was lucky to find a Batman costume handed down by Johan's cousin.I felt even luckier that the costume still fits my son!

We just have to repeat over and over, "Wow, that's cool!" and "Wow, you look reaally cool!" just to make the boy wear his costume for a long period of time. And the "pang-uuto" eventually paid off!

Johan - just before we leave for Nuvali
Arrived at Nuvali
Johan loved his Batman costume! His mask was a little bit tight but he still wore it.Anyway, do you see the people seated in front of 7/11 on the photo above? As we were passing by those guys said, "Wow, it's Batman!", raised their hands and high fived my son.I was just so proud that Johan was feeling friendly and high fived each one of them!

I thought his friendliness would carry out until the event was over but I was mistaken. As soon as we went up to my sister's floor and Johan saw the crowd, he wailed and wanted to leave. Good thing, a little convincing and permission to play with my phone made him go inside the pantry and stay. 

In between tours to the different stations
Angry Birds set-up of my sister's team

I was getting pretty stressed out with Johan's screaming and I had to count 1-10 plenty of times to keep myself from screaming too. He just calmed down when we went to the Temple Run and Despicable Me stations, both of which had apps on my phone that he is really, really fond of.

Hanging out with that "cool, big" robot
Batman pose

I guess, everybody was happy when the event was finally over. We stayed awhile in Nuvali while waiting for my sister to finish some of her tasks at work and we had plenty of time for photo ops. We weren't able to hang out at the fish feeding area anymore since the event finished nearly lunch and it was already too hot outside.

Oh and by the way, Johan's cousin, Zalia, won third place for her Hawaiian costume which me and my sister just made the day before! Woohoo!

Hopefully, next year we'd be more prepared!

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