Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Johan's 3rd Birthday at the Manila Ocean Park - The Oceanarium

We saved the best attraction for last - the Oceanarium. I've been looking forward to this trip just because of that huge tunnel of water that I used to see just in photos on the internet. It's just unfortunate that we were sharing the park with a huge number of kids on their field trips so my goal of taking a picture of us inside an huge, empty aquarium tunnel was a fail. But we all had fun, anyway!

Pardon me for the photo quality on the next batch of photos, MOP is implementing a No Flash Photography rule inside the Oceanarium to prevent the stress it would bring the marine creatures. I only hope they'd enforce this rule a little bit more rigidly and put more MOP staff inside to remind the guests as I saw a lot of people not following this rule.

As soon as we went in, the birthday boy shouted excitedly,"Nemo! Nemo!" and so that began our search to find the tank where we can find the world's most popular marine specie.

There's Nemo!
The boy spent a huge chunk of time just staring at "Nemo"

When the boy finally agreed we continue on with the tour, here are some other marine creatures that we found inside the Oceanarium.

I love it that they named each section of the Oceanarium accordingly depending on the marine life to be found on each particular section.

The Oceanarium is huge and I think we spent an hour and a half touring the area until Johan got tired, asked for milk and fell asleep on one of the ledges.

Deep in his sleep

While he was sleeping, we all sat down, talked about things and just enjoyed the serenity - of the moving creatures gracefully swimming about - brought to our tired bodies and minds. I truly love being around sea creatures and having this huge aquarium with all the many species around relaxed me. I honestly think I am one of them in my previous life. :)

Johan was out for a good one hour and when he finally woke up, we only have a few minutes left for more photo ops until it was time to head back down the Acquatica section for the final show of our trip.

The final show on our Manila Ocean Park trip - The Musical Fountain Show - coming right up on the next post.

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