Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Food Trip - Sambokojin

Last week was pretty toxic for me and my batch mates from work. We had to go through a week-long boot camp in preparation for our CPC exam on Saturday, October 12. We were excused from doing our usual work and concentrated on training to pass the exam. It was hard as we had to read through three huge books on medical coding and took practice exams from Monday to Wednesday and eventually had a mock exam which was even harder than the actual CPC exam.

We were all very tired at the end of each day and by the time the CPC exam was over on Saturday, we just couldn't wait to get out of the examination room and leave.

We planned on eating out after the exam as a treat to ourselves after all the stress and pressure we had gone through that entire week and everybody agreed that good food is what we all needed. Hence, the decision get a reservation at Sambo Kojin in SM Southmall.

We arrived at SM Southmall early so we had to hang around the mall until our reservation which was at 5:30 PM. We were getting tired and so we tried going to Sambo Kojin to see if they'll let us in already. The staff was very kind and ushered us to our table 30 minutes earlier.

When we decided to eat at Sambo Kojin, I was quite hesitant. I was never a huge eater, whenever I see loads of food on plates or even on buffet, I instantly feel full and lose my appetite. That's why I surprised myself and even my friends when I was able to finish three combined plates of grilled meat, maki and tempura when we were there and even had space left for dessert!

The choices of food in Sambo Kojin is huge and we all had fun loading our plates with the fusion of Japanese and Korean cuisine that Sambo Kojin is offering. There were so many varieties of marinated meat to choose from that you'd be grilling on your table. The grilling part was tremendously enjoyed by my friend TJ.

I loved everything I got - from the Tempura to the Bacon-wrapped Asparagus to the Maki - everything tasted great. Even their Miso Soup is so good and perfect for that rainy day.

That day being Day Three of the UAAP Finals, we just couldn't resist not catching a bit of basketball on the side and satisfied ourselves on watching the game via live stream from our friend's Samsung Galaxy S4.

Can you spot the S4?

I think we stayed at Sambo Kojin for a good one hour and we left with our tummies full of good food and hearts full of laughter that only the good company of friends can provide.

The Sambo Kojin dinner buffet during weekends costs Php 659.00.

Grill all you can. Eat all you can!

Ground Level
Eastwing Food Street
Alabang Zapote Road, Las Piñas City
511-7843 / 511-7853

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