Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Tot Activities

We started the day with me sticking alphabet and counting numbers charts on our wall. The little boy became really excited and even looked for a stick to point out the letters. But, he seemed only interested on three letters - the letter C for Cake, M for Milk and O for Orange. It looked like someone's already asking for recess even before the lesson actually started. :)

Leaning the alphabet

We next tried to be creative with Art Attack's Interlocking Popsicle Sticks. It was hard to create things with these sticks even after looking at some photos on the internet on what we can possibly make. In the end we only made a couple of cages, more like pig pens really, and we had blue-stained hands. It was fun, nevertheless, and I'm sure the little boy enjoyed every minute of it because even his Dad took part in creating the cages/pig pens.

Art Attack's Interlocking Popsicle Sticks

I am constantly, constantly searching for activities that Johan can enjoy especially every weekend when we are all together. So far, so good. Now, I am looking forward to a long four-day weekend as I will be on leave beginning Thursday, March 14th, because my MIL will be leaving for Bicol for a vacation. I have to stock up on arts and crafts and search more on what Johan and I can do on those four days.

By the way, I purchased all of these from National Bookstore, my all time happy place. The charts cost Php 22.75 each and the Art Attack Interlocking Popsicle Sticks at Php 29.00 only.

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