Saturday, September 8, 2012

Price Hike, Budgeting and Everything in Between

I created a spreadsheet where I can list down everything I paid for and bought. This is so I can keep track of my monthly expenses and in the process, make everything organized and make budgeting a little less tedious to think about. After the not-so-recent damage that the Southwest Monsoon has left the country, the prices of goods, specifically the vegetables, have climbed way, way high. It’s almost impractical to serve vegetable dishes on the dinner table. I am near-insane whenever I plan the menu for the week realizing that the usual budget allotted for it is not sufficient enough and would last short of the usual number of days.

Along with the high price of food, the nonstop hike on fuel prices is becoming quite unbearable. We can really feel how hard times have become and despite the safety that the car can provide the hubby when he travels to and from work, he returned to riding his Yamaha Mio just to save on fuel. Hubby riding his motorcycle again makes me extremely nervous. He is a good driver, he truly is, but what scares me the most are those drunk drivers that he usually encounters on the road. Those irresponsible drivers need to look for good Phoenix DUI Lawyers that can defend them when they get into an accident. It’s really scary to think about what can happen to hubby whenever he rides his motorcycle. I always remind him to drive defensively and responsibly, not to drink and drive or else he might have to hire a phoenix dui lawyer himself.

I am hopeful, though, that everything will return to normal. By normal, I mean, that the prices of food, fuel and all our basic needs go back to being affordable as they normally were.

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