Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Houzz.com is ❤

I not-so-recently discovered the website Houzz.com and I tell you, if you're the type of person who enjoys looking at home designs and decors, you'll surely fall head over heels in love with this website. If I could turn the time and make it 2016 already, I would have done so in an instant because by then we would've finished paying for the car and then we can finally start planning our own home. 

Here are some designs that I am loving right now, come swoon with me?

I love the contrast of the plain colored couch and the printed one-seaters

I am so going to have one like this made!

I like the burst of the color red
Very relaxing

There are so much more one can find at Houzz.com. I am definitely inspired and have a pretty good idea on what I would want on our future home. :)

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leslie said...

im loving the gray and yellow. yan ang peg ng bedroom namin sa ayaw at gusto ni sherwin. hahaha. nakabili na ako ng kurtina. may step 1 na ako. =)

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