Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our Wet, Wet, Wet Weekend

September 13th was MIL's 60th birthday. Her children decided to celebrate it at their house in Manila last Saturday. I wasn't able to sleep the night before because of the terrible colds I had, I was close to having a panic attack because I felt I was suffocating everytime I try to lay down or turn off the lights. I was finally able to sleep at 3am just as hubby arrived home from work and I slept on the floor because that's where I was comfortable at during that time.

So, when I woke up around 6am (yep, I just had 3 hours of sleep), it was raining hard and when I tuned in to the morning news on TV, the red warning issued by PAG-ASA over Metro Manila greeted me. I was asking hubby not to go to Manila anymore because I was scared we would be stranded in the streets or at their house which was flooded waist-deep during Ondoy. But my hard-headed husband won't hear anything of it and so off we went to Manila and faced the heavy rains head-on.

Here's what we went through when we arrived in Manila:

Heavy traffic going to the Manila City Hall

We tried to find other routes but the entire City of Manila seemed
to be submerged in flood waters. This is at the back of the City Hall
fronting SM Manila
Our smart kababayans would know how to make money out
of a few sacks of dirt
Tapang ni Ate! 
Flooded Avenida

Johan was amazed at the sight of the flood

He kept on shouting, "My, Fi!" - which means "Mommy, Fish!"

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