Friday, April 27, 2012

Wishing for Relaxation

It’s been such a hectic week and there’s more to come. Let me tell you why.

We have a huge workload at the office that is likely to extend for two more weeks. Husband and I would like to catch the movie Battleship but when I checked out the movie scheds at the malls closest to us, Battleship isn’t being shown anymore! Too bad, we’ve heard great reviews of the movie. One more thing adding up to my stress is our anniversary which is coming up on May 8th. We still have nowhere to go. I finally decided to ditch the idea of going to Tagaytay. I cannot, for the life of me, travel on motorcycle in this heat! The plan of savoring the cool winds of Tagaytay City on hubby’s motorcycle does not sound great anymore with the high temperature we’ve been having the past few days. I’m scared I would pass out while riding.

Also, Johan’s been overly active the entire week. He wakes up the same time I do and follow me around while I prepare for work. He’s still awake when I come home and demands attention from me – read: dance alongside him to the Mickey Mouse Playhouse Hotdog Song.

Ah, I am so tired. I wish I could just have a few hours to relax, read a very good book, inside our air-conditioned room, smelling the clean scent of aromatherapy oils coming from the vaporizer pipe.

One could wish, right?


kimmy said...

i can still remember the time i was wishing for the same thing.. lol!

Jhan said...

I highly suggest you give yourself a break...maybe a time out on the nearest cozy coffee shop with your good book with you will give you the relaxation you need. :-)

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