Sunday, April 15, 2012

Family Day + Johan's New Look

Having a kid's haircut is expensive, no? Imagine having it monthly, it's even pricier than mine and hubby's haircuts combined!

Yesterday, we scheduled a family day for just the three of us: me, hubby and Johan. We went to SM City Dasmarinas for Johan's third haircut since he turned one. Hubby and I decided to cut Johan's hair really short to minimize his trips to the kiddie salon and also because this summer is ultimately the hottest, with the temperature hitting the 35 degree mark last Thursday. Whew!

I also allotted some 30 minutes of play time for Johan inside one of those play areas inside the mall. The little boy sure had a lot of fun and Mommy sure became really tired when the 30 minutes was over. Hehe!

Here are some photos:

A final photo of Johan before his haircut
He behaved pretty well as always
Then asked to be carried by Daddy after a few minutes. He probably got scared
of the sound from the razor.
My Little Shaolin Kid
Playing with cars and trains inside one of the play areas...
and instantly met a playtime buddy!
Going up the mini stairs... slide down. This is his favorite!
And then he got tired and just laid there on the mattress. The other kids can't slide down
because Johan refuses to get up.

It was a very tiring but very good day for us. 

Today's Sunday, we already heard mass at our usual time of 6am, hubby and Johan are both taking a nap and I'm here typing away this entry #bantaysalakay. Hehe!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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