Thursday, October 13, 2011

Preparing the Weekly Menu

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I am not domesticated. Well, when it comes to the kitchen at least. I admit that I don't have the confidence to take full control of the cooking, I don't trust my taste buds really well if it would be me preparing dishes for the family. Yeah, I suck at cooking that's why my MIL is the one in-charge of the kitchen.

A few days ago, hubby made it known that I even suck at planning what to cook. You see, I list down the stuff that MIL should buy from the market and it usually consists of ingredients for the same dishes every week. The other day hubby told me he's done with having Adobo every single week. He said he already had enough Adobo that his system might be running on soy sauce instead of blood. Funny. Ha. Ha.

So, I promised I will prepare a weekly menu of varying dishes and will not repeat a dish at least a month after it has been served. I browsed and so far, I have made two-weeks worth of menu. I copied the recipes on a word document and printed them out for MIL.

I only hope I could keep this up and that I don't run out of dishes to serve or else hubby might run away from me already. =)

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