Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Babywearing and a Wish for a Mei Tai

I love wearing Johan. It is so convenient because my hands are free for everything else and I think we grew closer together because of it.

We used the RJellyBean's Ring Sling at home when he was a few months old.

Personally, I find the ring sling hard to use with all the adjustments I had to make. It's easy to put in the baby, though, but, adjusting and readjusting the sling is just too much for me.

We used the Chicco Carrier a couple of times. I found it uncomfortable for me and Johan because the material is too stiff and I can't put Johan in and out of the carrier without help from another person.

The most comfortable for me and obviously my favorite, is the SaYa. I love it so much, I never leave home without it. It was the most overused sling we had and even hubby loves wearing Johan in it and swears on it’s outstanding comfort and support on the shoulders.

We stored the SaYa away because Johan cannot fit in it anymore. I took it out and used it on Johan's birthday, October 4, when hubby cannot come with us to attend mass. Johan's really big for it already and I cannot breath properly, haha!

Now, I have this worry. My bestfriend came home from Singapore and we will have a get together this Saturday at the Mall of Asia. Unfortunately, it will only be me and Johan who will be travelling on commute from Cavite to MOA. Hubby will be coming from Manila and will just meet us there.

Since, I cannot put Johan in the SaYa anymore,  I'm wondering if it's time to bring out the RJellyBean ring sling again and do my best to use it. I even did a dry run tonight and put Johan in the hip-carry position. So far, it's okay. I just don't know how long Johan can stay in and how long I can last carrying him with the sling on only one shoulder. Wish us luck?

This makes me really want a Mei Tai Baby Carrier.



I have to save up more to be able to buy one or just pray really, really hard that a person with a kind heart would gift me one. I promise, it will be put to good use overuse. =)

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