Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Haircut

Hubby and I have this ongoing conversation about Johan's hair. He wanted to shave off our baby's hair but I was so against the idea. I don't think a shaved head would suit Johan and in the end hubby agreed with me.

Yesterday, on Johan's exact birthday, we decided to let him have his first haircut. We went to a nearby mall where the only kiddie salon we know is located. Unfortunately, Johan fell asleep along the way and was still sleeping when we arrived. We had to walk a little bit until he finally woke up but we still had to condition him so he'll be in a good mood when he meets his barber. When he's already in a playful mood, we headed to the salon.

It was a small yet bright place fit for kids. There were a couple of cars that serve as kiddie seats with a small lcd screen where the kids can watch videos to distract them while the barber does his job. There is also a small play area by the entrance should the kids want to play and an array of toys are on the shelves. 

I was worried that Johan might throw a tantrum and refuse the barber touch his hair. But, he instantly became preoccupied with the steering wheel of his "car". 

Hubby took off Johan's shirt so the cut hair won't stick to it. The barber then put a towel around Johan so he won't get cold and to keep the hair from falling down his body.

But Johan kept on tugging at it, wanting to take it off. Hubby and I noticed it was because his hands were trapped inside and he can't hold the steering wheel. So, in the end he had his haircut looking like this:

He was well-behaved all throughout and just stole a couple or so glances at the barber but he never cried. He remained seated, happily steering his wheel and watched Barney sing and dance. When the session ended, look at how handsome my little boy turned out!

I am one proud Mommy!


Jhan said...

yey!!! Binata na!

Anonymous said...

aww.. first haircut! So cute naman ni baby!!! :D

Mamee Nani said...

mas pumogi! katuwa!:)

vengieric said...

pa-kiss nga!

Shirley Mae Tabora said...

Thanks everyone for the compliments!

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