Monday, September 12, 2011

Great Booksale Finds

I’ve been a customer of Booksale for years. If only you have the patience to scour through their shelves and shelves of books, surely you’d be able to find one in a good condition. I can spend hours in this store and whenever I pass by one branch, it is close to impossible that I won’t buy one book.

Now that I have Johan, most of the times I’d be looking at children’s books instead of the usual mystery and self help books for me. I already bought a lot of books for Johan but I cannot not leave Booksale today without buying these:


I was lucky to find these two Dwell Studio hard bound, touch & feel books that were sold for only 85 pesos each. I think this retails at close to 400 for a new one. Such a steal!


Johan, of course, was excited to check out his new books. As soon as I showed these to him, he immediately browsed through the pages as if he could already read!
Cutie Johan with his two bottom teeth! He’s definitely happy with Mommy’s great finds!

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